Sovereign Guarantee

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord! – Psalm 27:13-14 (ESV)

The GO train that I take daily in the morning got delayed by over 30 minutes today. It’s a good thing though that GO has a service guarantee that credits your fare should your trip get delayed.

However, here are their conditions.

  • Delay must be 15 minutes or more.
  • Delay must have been caused by reasons within their control.

Made me think of service guarantees of other companies. For example, Costco has a remarkable return policy. They allow you to return goods within 90 days no questions asked. (Well, they will ask, but seems just a procedural thing for them.) Even partly consumed food can be returned! A friend once didn’t like the food he ate at a classy restaurant, so the restaurant told him that he doesn’t need to pay for the food as a result! Incredible! Price-matching, free food if not delivered within the allotted time, points, air miles are just some of many ways companies nowadays appeal to customers’ discerning choices. But they all come with conditions like GO Transit’s service guarantee.

Those conditions remind me of how this world’s service guarantees pale in comparison to God’s sovereign grace in our lives. But before we explore this further, let’s see what people had to go through to learn this. What does it take to learn God’s timing and wait for Him to accomplish His plans and purposes for the world and in your life?

God promised that He will make a great nation out of Abraham. But it took 25 years before he and Sarah finally had their firstborn. Then God tested him by telling him to sacrifice his one and only son! Isaac didn’t find a wife until he was 40 years old! Then much like his dad, he and Rebecca were unable to have children until 20 years later! The Israelites endured 400 years of slavery before they got their freedom; then had to wait 40 more years wandering the desert to get to the Promised Land! And more significantly, a silence of 400 years elapsed before the promised Saviour was born to us!

God’s promises of triumph often come with periods of tears. He teaches us victory through defeat. He wants us to wait if we want to win. In Him, sacrifice always precedes success. He needs us to cringe before we get completed. But all these point us to the truth that we can trust the Lord’s providential process because of 3 important traits about Him:

(1) His promptness (timeliness)
(2) His promises (trustworthiness)
(3) His power (tenacity)

May we live experiencing all of who God is even as we encounter difficult, dark days of waiting. I assure you it will take much longer than 15 minutes but it’s well worth the wait!

I’ll take God’s sovereignty over anybody’s service guarantee any day!

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