A God Thing

“…the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” – Romans 8:26 NIV

I’ve been through a lot of difficult moments in my life. Some of them I’ve personally experienced and some I’ve witnessed other people go through. I’ve learned that there are not too many words that you can say or listen to that can take away the pain of the trials. Even our prayers in the most tragic times can be void of language or speech. But God doesn’t need our words so He can hear. His ability to hear is not dependent on our capacity to speak. I’ve heard the very best of prayers with mere groans and mutterings.

prayerTrials tend to present the opportunity to either draw us closer or further away – nearer or more distant from each other or from God. Many loved ones and family in our church have recently gone through painful trials. There are far too many of them for us not to realize that God is presenting us with such an opportunity. I invite you all to heed God’s call to be united in praying for them and with their families.

What also triggered this invitation is what happened recently to Nanay Belen – the mother of Sis. Lisa Sabinosa. They need our prayers right now more than anything. I try to issue a call for action when I write a blog each week. My call for action to you this week through this blog is that we come together to pray for a dear sister, her family, and our family in the Lord.

Prayer has always been a God thing. It’s the place and position where He’s worshipped the best. Let’s come to that place of worship as a people, as a family. I know this is rather last minute, but I feel the compulsion from the Lord for us to do this as a congregation. I’ll be at Castlebridge Public School this Friday, February 19th from 7-9pm. I invite you to come and join me in prayer for Nanay Belen, the Sabinosas and many other families whose loved ones are in the midst of a health crisis. Spread the word around so that many who are able to can participate.

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